Welcome to Bibacord High End Audio Cables

Our small-scale production is aimed at the uncompromising music enthusiast, seeking the very best cables to partner with the best audio equipment available.

Each cable is handcrafted on custom order. We do not offer a plethora of models, just one of each kind – simply representing the best we can do.



All conductors are solid core OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) pure silver or copper.

The speaker cable and the analogue interconnect contain a tuned set of both silver and copper conductors of different diameters. We use unbleached cotton as dielectric. No polymers are employed.

The speaker cable and the analogue interconnect are built using a framework made from specially selected balsa wood. This gives a superior mechanical damping as well as a precisely defined and stable positioning of the conductors. The structure is divided into segments connected by flexible joints. For best performance, these cables are unshielded.

The digital cables have a more conventional geometry and they are, of course, shielded.

All cables are fitted with the best connectors available, carefully selected for optimal matching.

The cables are folded/wrapped in textile ribbons, giving a unique visual and tactile appearance. Why should not audio cables be good-looking too?



Bibacord cables have tremendous speed and natural attack.

The 3D rendition of space and sound-stage is spectacular.

Amazing resolution in both details and timbre, gives an incredibly lifelike musical experience. This resolution is maintained far down in the lower frequency region, so important for a great sense of realism.

The top end is marvelously extended and expansive, but without any trace of hardness. The cables combine a mellow presentation with great energy and incisiveness.



Room F219, Atrium 4.2, together with Engström The Lars amplifiers, Marten Coltrane 3 speakers, Transrotor Rondo FMD turntable, Theoretica Bacch-SP sound processor and music from HD-Tracks.