Welcome to Bibacord High End Audio Cables

We are a small independent manufacturer of handcrafted audio cables. The production is limited and each cable is built on custom order. Our typical client is a serious music enthusiast who is seeking the very best cables to partner with the best audio equipment.

We are pursuing this mainly for pleasure and for the rewarding appreciation we receive from satisfied customers.

Our cables perform at the absolute highest level. Materials and components are selected carefully without compromise. The construction is based on sensible principles and judgments. We are not in the least interested in nonsensical claims or homegrown nomenclature.

The small-scale approach, simple distribution and no marketing make it possible to offer cables at a lower price than most comparable high end audio cables on the market. You will not find a plethora of different models. Each type of cable we make represents our best possible effort.


The conductors are made up of individually insulated solid core pure silver and copper wires. The use of both silver and copper gives a perfect opportunity to fine-tune the voicing of the cables. The sound is also monitored by employing either unbleached cotton or foamed FEP for wire insulation.

The wire is manufactured according to the Ohno continuous casting process OCC (A.Ohno, Journal of Metals, Vol. 38, January 1986). This is a special crystallization process that permits production of metal wire virtually free from grain boundaries (“single crystals”) something that has a great beneficial influence on the sound quality.

We have abolished the use of metallic shielding since it has an adverse influence on the sound that outweighs the intended EMI/RFI protection. Instead, we use a nonmetallic carbon screen that gives excellent results without side effects.

The cables are covered by a braided fiberglass sleeve, available in black or natural beige color. All connectors are carefully selected to complement the “sound” of the cables.


A prominent attribute is the extended, detailed and vivid treble, without any compromises in terms of a more forward presentation, extra brightness or listening fatigue. This is difficult to accomplish and rare to find among typically high end oriented cables.

Remarkable color, saturation and weight of tones give an immersive musical experience. Additional details and dynamic shading bring more nuances and refinement to the music.

The reproduction of bass instruments is very lifelike, you hear naturally defined bass tones without smearing or being inflated. The midrange gets attention thanks to the abundance of highly resolved details rather than from an exaggeration the midrange response itself.

Other noticeable features are very high resolution in terms of:
• Spatial cues, giving an almost holographic rendition of space and sound-stage
• Timing cues, exceedingly important for the musical flow, vitality and involvement
• Plain details, giving a fascinating insight into what is “going on”, an enhanced sense of presence and realism, of instrument textures and timbres.

Overall, the cables are considered very neutral, promoting speed and realism without sacrificing warmth or mellowness.