Bibacord Speaker Cable

For the speaker cable we use a mix of copper and silver cotton insulated solid core OCC conductors (Ohno Continuous Cast). The number of wires and their diameters have been meticulously tried out to give the best balance between sparkle, presence, warmth and fullness.

The total cross section of each conductor leg is 4.73 mm^2 (9.46 mm^2 per channel). Each bundle is surrounded by a thick woven soft filler for mechanical damping and a special dissipative carbon screen to protect against EMI/RFI and reduce static charges that inevitably build up in the cable. The screen should be connected via the external female 4 mm banana plug to either an amplifier chassis or to earth ground.

The best result is obtained if the screen is connected to a CAD Ground Control from Computer Audio Design (see the picture on the Interconnect page). This gives a striking reduction of the perceived “noise level” – the separation and texture of instruments and voices become much more apparent, as well as a sense of enhanced background “blackness”.

Connectors are Kryo silver spades or bananas from ETI Research. We can also provide WBT 0681/0661 nextgen silver spades (8 mm or 6 mm fork width).

The speaker cable is available in lengths from 1 meter and up, in steps of 50 cm. It is also available as a 30 cm jumper.