Bibacord Power Cable

Total conductor size is 13.2 mm^2 (6.6 mm^2 each for L and N), deep cryogenic treated pure copper. The geometry itself gives excellent rejection of EMI/RFI. A thick woven filler for mechanical damping and a special heavy gauge ground conductor are applied without making the cable unnecessarily bulky. Two layers of carbon screens are employed for extra shielding, one of which is attached to an external female banana that may be connected to a CAD Ground Control.

We have tried a great number of different kinds of connectors (copper, gold, silver and rhodium) from various brands. The one we have found to give a sound most consistent with our line of cables is the Oyaide P/C-004 palladium plated beryllium copper connector (P-004 US male, P-004e Schuko,  C-004 female 15A and C-237 US female 20A).

The power cable is available in lengths from 1.5 meter and up, in steps of 50 cm.