Bibacord Analog Interconnects

The analog interconnect is now updated to an MK II version. It has the same number of conductors arranged in a more complex geometry. It retains the character of sound of the original version with a considerable enhancement in clarity and spatial separation. The new geometry improves the suppressing of noise as well as mechanical damping of the conductors.

The analog interconnects contain a mix of copper and silver solid core OCC conductors (Ohno Continuous Cast). The total cross section is 2.06 mm^2 per channel (1.03 mm^2 for each path). The silver to copper proportion and the diameters of the individual wires are carefully selected to give the best performance.

A special dissipative carbon screen is used for shielding from EMI/RFI. This is not attached to the connector pins in order to avoid having the disturbances enter the signal ground. Instead, the screen is connected to an external female 4 mm banana plug that allows for an independent grounding (either chassis or earth ground). This carbon screen also helps dissipating static charges that build up over time in the cable materials.

Even without external grounding, the floating screen gives a noticeable noise reduction but without the negative influence on the sound of a traditional metal shield.

The best result is obtained if the screen is connected to a CAD Ground Control from Computer Audio Design. This brings an enhanced perception of calmness and clarity to the sound – the separation and texture of instruments and voices become even more apparent.

Connectors are Kryo XLR from ETI Research and WBT 0152 nextgen silver RCA. The interconnects are available in lengths from 1 meter and up, in steps of 50 cm.



Our phono cable is constructed similarly to the ordinary analogue interconnect. It employs a braided carbon screen that should be connected to the ground terminal of the phono amplifier. A separate earth wire is used for grounding the tone arm.

The phono cable is available with either ETI Research Kryo XLR or WBT 0152 nextgen silver RCA. For DIN connector we use Furutech CF straight or FP angled.

In cases where there appears a problem with hum we offer a separate braided copper shield that is easily slipped on the cable and attached to a ground terminal. To isolate the surface of the shield a spit tubular wrap is provided. The shield covers the whole cable including the connectors.