Bibacord Digital Cables

We have released the Mark II version of our digital interconnect cable. The metal foil and shield are replaced by a double layer of braided carbon sleeving connected to a female banana for external grounding. The number of conductors has been doubled, improving the geometric symmetry in the design and also lower the resistance. Conductors are solid core OCC copper with cotton insulation. A porous dampening material is applied under the carbon sleeve resulting in a much more flexible cable than the previous version.

Both balanced AES/EBU and unbalanced SPDIF share the same design, only a slight difference in conductor spacing to give correct impedance.

The new Mark II version is even more open and airy, improving the sense of transparency and space, but also enhanced drive and energy.

For balanced AES/EBU we have found Furutech FP-601/602 rhodium XLR to be superior to every other brand/type of XLR we have tried. For unbalanced SPDIF we use AECO ARP-4055 solid silver RCA and Oyaide silver BNC. The digital cables are available in lengths from 1 meter and up, in steps of 50 cm. However, we embrace the folklore notion of not recommending shorter digital interconnects than 1.2 meters.