Bibacord Digital Cables

The digital cables use a twisted pair geometry. Conductors are solid core OCC copper with cotton insulation. Embedded in a cotton dampening to give a certain distance to a relatively stiff sheath for mechanical integrity.

A pure aluminum foil covered by a braided copper shield guarantees a complete coverage, low resistance and good mechanical strength. Special attention is paid inside the connectors to get a circumferential cover by the shield as far as possible.

The shield of the unbalanced SPDIF is connected to the return conductor at one end only (“symmetrical pseudo-balanced” topology).

For the balanced AES/EBU we have found Furutech FP-601/602 rhodium XLR to be superior to every other brand/type of XLR we have tried. For the unbalanced version, WBT 0152 nextgen silver RCA gives the best result. The digital cables are available in lengths from 1 meter and up, in steps of 50 cm.