Bibacord Headphone Cable

The headphone cable is made with four copper and two silver OCC solid core conductors for each channel. No PVC, PE or Teflon, just cotton insulated and covered by a soft black nylon sleeving giving a nice tactile sense.

The cable may be perceived as a little stiffer than a conventional cable made from multistranded litz wires, but the total conductor cross section is larger and the benefit of solid core is much preferable.

We made the cable originally for Focal Utopia but it is a terrific partner for Meze Empyrean headphones as well. It gives a surprising improvement in sound quality as compared to a stock cable: more resolved details, bigger soundstage and increased sense of being immersed in music.

Amplifier connectors are Furutech CF-763 (6.35 mm jack) or FP-705 (4-pin XLR). Unfortunately it is not possible to attach neither 3.5 mm nor 2.5 mm jacks for portable amplifiers due to the large conductor size. At the headphone end several different types of connectors are possible.